Used Marine Generator Sets

Used marine generator sets

The generator set is the most expensive and essential equipment aboard after the main engine. So choosing the best one should not be taken for granted. Buying used marine generator sets can be an easy decision if you have a dealer to help you analyse your power requirements. The piece of equipment you choose should be determined by fuel type, installation and output. These are some of the options you can consider for your water vessel.

Used marine generator sets
  1. Kohler 27 EFOZ Diesel Generator set


Voltage: 230/400 v

Kva: 33, 4

Frequency: 50 hz

Amps: 48, 8 a

Power: 39, 4 HP

RPM: 1500


  • Radiator
  • Skid
  • Soundproof box
  • Panel
  • Fan


  • The generator offers a relatively low maintenance cost.
  • You won’t have to worry about higher noise because of the soundproof box.
  • Even though it’s still flammable, diesel has a low risk of igniting than other fuel types.
  • It can handle large power loads on your vessel.
  • The fan will directly remove the heat of the high-temperature parts
  1. Caterpillar C9 Marine Diesel Generator Set


Voltage: 230 v

Kva: 188

Frequency: 50 Hz

Phase: 3

Power: 217 HP

RPM: 1500

Year of manufacturing: 2013


  • Skid
  • Water-cooled exhaust system
  • 14-inch flywheel
  • 1x24v starter
  • Water-cooled turbo


  • It can still hold up a lot of wear and tear.
  • Water-cooling is very efficient; it can cool extreme temperatures inside the machine.
  • It can power different types of marine vessels and also handle a range of loads.
  • In terms of durability, diesel generators last longer
  • One advantage of flywheel energy storage is low maintenance


When selecting used marine generator sets, consider the specifications and features. Make your comparisons before settling for the best option. Always check the usage history and age to determine how long it will last. Even with used generator sets, you still have to get your money’s worth. The machine should be able to serve you for a long time. The cooling system is crucial in marine generator sets; it’s one more thing to look for.