The famous bags brand Eastpak

Eastpak is known by almost everyone. It is the bag to have as a teenager to go to school with. This is due to the simplicity and sustainability of the brand. In this article we discuss when Eastpak came into existence and what is important for this brand.

The brand: Eastpak

Eastpak was founded in 1952 under the name Eastern Canvas Products. This company has blossomed into Eastpak. What makes Eastpak so special is the sustainable design of the products and the high values ​​that the brand maintains for its sustainability. The bags are resistant to any kind of weather. The innovative designs of Eastpak can be found as bags and suitcases. These iconic items are known by every age. Eastpak also likes to make good advertisements for its brand and this is due to the rules that Eastpak continues to redefine for the company. This is done so that the brand does not become inspirational. The most special thing about Eastpak is that it keeps its promises, because the sustainability that you expect is coupled with a warranty period of 30 years. Eastpak is so confident in its product!

Eastpak innovates its designs and continues to define itself while they are still renewing their collection. This is due to the reformulation of the rules that Eastpak has given itself. The search for inspiration always continues for Eastpak, because they always challenge themselves in creative ways while also continuing to improve their designs that are timeless. This modernization is accompanied by the authenticity that Eastpak maintains.

Eastpak came up with the slogan “Built To Resist”, since this is their main goal. The eastpak bags can take a beating, in addition to allowing the individual to shine. You can express yourself well with the Eastpak bags through the various designs and collaborations with various brands and artists. For example, consider an Eastpak bag with an Andy Warhol design. Or one that is completely black. There is an Eastpak sac for everyone.