How to register a company in Netherlands

It is very attractive to setup a Dutch company nowadays. In the Netherlands, the most common entity is the BV company (‘Besloten Vennootschap), mainly because there are  no legal requirements to have any kind of substance in the Netherlands. Perfect for foreign entrepreneurs. The BV structure company is divided into shares, owned by one or more shareholder(s) and at least one director. Both shareholder(s) and director(s) don’t have to live in the Netherlands, and are able to run their company on distance. If you like to know how to register a company in Netherlands, our specialists are certainly able to assist you. For only 950,- we can offer this Dutch BV company structure. And for 90,- a month we will offer you a registered office at our business centre.

To assist you in registering your company in the Netherlands, we only need a few documents;

If the shareholder(s) and director(s) are individuals, we need a copy of the passport, a proof of the living address no older than 2 months (even a electricity bill is good evidence) and a marital status. However, if your shareholder(s) and director(s) are companies, we need an original extract from the foreign trade register, a copy of the deed of incorporation and a Ultimate Beneficial Owner declaration.

We will check your new company name for free. Please contact us for more information.