Product & Category Descriptions, Vickers


Vickers are machines that measure the hardness a material, rock is. These work by applying a force of at least 200g on a specimen to create a dent. Afterwards, the length of the diagonals of the resultant dent is determined and recorded by the. Using this length, the tool then automatically calculates the hardness of the material. Lastly, this process is repeated twice on three similar specimens and averaged to determine the hardness of a material. Examples of reputable Vickers include:-


The Falcon 400

The Falcon 400 is the essential testing tool that has manual fine adjustment z-axis and a magnifying eyepiece.

The Falcon 450

The Falcon 450 is the conventional equipment powered by an electrical load cell and built-in with a load sensor. As such, this makes it a reliable and accurate tool, primarily if you after eliminating user influence on the test results. Also, its sophisticated design and software upgrades allow it store files limit settings convert hardness to different scales among other accessory properties.


The Falcon 500

Next in line is the falcon 500 that merges automatic and manual techniques of testing. As a result, this granulates endless freedom on configurations settings for its users. Also, the Falcon 500 has a built-in ball bearing system that increases accuracy.

The Falcon 600

Last in the list is the falcon 600, an automated testing system designed to surpass the limitations of Vickers testing. This tool comes in with a windows 10 operating system running on an integrated 17controller. As if that is not enough, this tool has an 18mpx camera with zoom and focus features, thus enhancing accuracy.