Did you know carbon fabric is an important material?

Did you know that carbon fabric is an important material nowadays? It is everywhere and people use it every day. Carbon fabric material is used in many different products. Everyone has a product with carbon fabric fiber at home, like a bicycle, sport shoes, a hockey stick or a car. Therefore, it is clear carbon fabric is an indispensable material. Though many people still don’t know that it is and how important this material is.

Lightweight and strong material

Carbon fabric is lightweight and strong material. It is characterized by its small stretch. The material is made of a strong crystalline filament of carbon that is used to strengthen material. A fiber is about 0,005 till 0,010 millimetres and is composed of carbon atoms. It can be thinner than one single hair. Carbon fabric materials get its strength during the production process, when it is twisted together like yarn. After this the material is woven together to form a cloth and to take a permanent shape.

Want to order carbon fabric material?

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